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"My child has attended Rising Star since 2011. While I was satisfied with his experience under the old director, I was not always satisfied with mine. I have seen a huge shift in the school's culture and climate since Destini joined Rising Star. I have known her to be fair but firm. She is more than willing to sit down and talk with parents over concerns they might have and focus on solutions that are in the best interest of the child.

One of the changes I am most grateful for are those from the teachers themselves. My son loves his teachers and they love him. We walk down the hall to his classroom each morning and he is greeted, by name and accompanied with hugs from former teachers and classroom helpers. He has formed bonds with these people and they have become an extended family for him while he is away from home. I'm not sure how he will say goodbye to Miss Jessica and Miss Melissa when the time comes.

As a teacher, I see the work that my son brings home from pre-k and believe without a shadow of a doubt that he will enter kindergarten next year more than prepared. One aspect of Rising Star that drew me in initially was the time each day dedicated to circle time. Each classroom shuts its door and has uninterrupted time for direct instruction. This might mean talking about science, or community helpers, it might be talking about a book the children listened to. While it is only 30 minutes it has been a powerful piece of my son's development and understanding of academic skills. Ms. Kathleen, in pre-k, is teaching my son to write. She is not teaching him to copy letters in his name, she is teaching him the correct formation of each letter to ensure that correct muscle memory develops. While this might not sound like much, to this teacher, it is worth its weight in gold. I have seen so many students whose writing suffers or is painful due to grip or formation. By the time they get to me in elementary, often it is too late to correct years of use.

I believe Rising Star is a hidden gem in Katy. While it is not a well known chain, it is definitely a treasure."
Carrie Lentz

"My Daughter has been attending Rising Star for a year now, and I absolutely LOVE it. She has learned so much in the past year and she continues to learn even in the summer time. She is getting ready to start Kindergarten so she will be full time in Public school, but when her baby sister is old enough to talk and walk, she will be attending Rising Star as well. Kaliyah has had Ms. Nella, and Ms. Kathleen as her two teachers, one is Accelerated Pre-K and the other teacher is Bridge. They are both awesome! The director Ms. Destini, is very very good at answering any concerns I may have had in the past (all minor), she Knows alot about kids, and she gets things going around there. Ms. Amanda is also a wonderful part of the staff, she is front desk and she is one of the sweetest people at Rising Star."
Naomi Sims

"I have nothing but AMAZING things to say about Ms. Destini, who makes sure to address any concern that we may have. ALL the teachers there have a special place in my heart. A very special shout out to (in no particular order): Ms. Destini, Ms. Mara, Ms. Monica, Ms. Saori, Ms. Jessica, Ms. Amanda, Ms. Asia, Ms. Kathleen, Ms. Melissa, and Ms. Nella - and EVERYONE else I may be forgetting or whose name I do not know! Leaving my child at RSA in the mornings gives me a peace of mind that I never had before. From the moment we walk in to the moment we walk out, my child is feeling loved and I know it is sincere... What is most comforting is that I know that he is being helped with his limitations (he was diagnosed within the Autism Spectrum 2 years ago); after jumping through 3 different daycares in a period of 4 months, I am happy to report that we have found our place, and we are staying! Thank you ladies! My son and I, love you endlessly, and you will all forever be, part of our family! Keep up the great work!"
Ana Lugo

"Moving my daughter from the school she was in since she was 4 months old was the hardest decision we ever had to make. But we have been so blessed to have found Rising Star. It truly is "home away from home" and I couldn't be happier with my daughter's progress. The teachers are amazing, giving, and really care about each child. My daughter really enjoys her class, her teachers, and her friends and looks forward to coming to school. Thank you to the wonderful and supportive staff of Rising Star."
Michelle Rivas

"I'm happy to report I brought my girls to RSA, Destini the new director is a total sweet, charismatic and intelligent, and the front ladies are sweet and helpful. My girls and I are very happy with the new staff. I definitely recommend Rising Star to all my friends."
Javier Delgado

"We have been with Rising Star for two years and we love it!! I watch the cameras throughout the day and always see the children busy and having fun. We would highly recommend RSA to anyone looking for quality childcare in Katy, especially those that are looking for a school that focuses on education AND the best interest of the children!!"
Britney Smith

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