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Our Philosophy

At Rising Star Academy, we believe children grow in several ways: through nurturing, positive redirection, and by providing age appropriate learning opportunities designed specifically for early learners.

Children in the early learning stages are fueled by curiosity; they want to understand why, by breaking things down and rebuilding them in repetition!

Our calling is to provide an atmosphere that fosters learning in and through every activity, from the smallest and most mundane task to the over the top fun filled activity. This is part of our DNA and woven into the fibers of our lessons plans, classroom design, hiring structure and teaching. We strive to make learning fun; tailored to early learners so you can watch them grow, shine and flourish in our care.

We view our children and families as our partners, we believe open and honest communication builds a partnership that ensures all facets of the child's needs are met.

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Rising Star Academy
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