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Enrichment Programs

Spanish – Your little one is naturally designed to soak up, learn and several languages through language development, Rising Star Academy understands that children need to be exposed to several forms of language in the early years. Basic Spanish is taught to children from 12 months to 5 years old. We introduce numbers, letters, the body, school and animals. Your child will be taught two sections of Spanish development weekly.

Gymnastics & Dance – We have an amazing gymnastics and dance program here at Rising Star Academy, taught by Coach T and our kids love her. She teaches the basics of gymnastics in safe, fun and loving environment. Flips, rolls, crab walking, cart wheels, and lots of gross motor exercise to work out the large and small muscle groups.

Music & Movement – Rising Star Academy understands that children are designed to learn through phonics (music) and movement. Our weekly music and movement program provides an amazing weekly theme where the kids learn to read music, play instruments, different cultural celebrations, games and sing, sing, sing!

Science & Technology - At Rising Star Academy, we have a room dedicated just for Science and Technology. In this room students learn about Human body, solar system, Chemistry while conducting experiments, and Botany while playing with real plants. At such an early age they are exposed to various concepts of Science and Technology.

Gardening - Our 3 and 4 year old students are exposed to the concepts of gardening, they grow small seedlings from seeds, then transplant them in real dirt; where they learn to take care of these plants.  Once vegetables and herbs are grown they learn to cook them and finally taste them. Our students find this whole experience very fulfilling. 

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