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Our Curriculum

The research is clear. A high-quality, systematic preschool curriculum is critical to preparing all children for future success in school—especially those who are at risk.

The Scholastic Early Childhood Program is a comprehensive, year-long curriculum that:

  • Provides explicit instruction in early language, reading, and math skills.
  • Combines child-centered explorations with teacher-directed instruction.
  • Has a flexible and easy-to-use format.
  • Provides in-depth formal and informal assessment.
  • Includes rich English and Spanish resources.
  • Integrates Professional Development into each lesson plan.
  • Features activities for families to extend the learning day.

The Scholastic Early Childhood Program immerses children in real-world themes that begin with what is familiar to children and connects to the world around them. The wealth of instructional materials in the program ensures a comprehensive and engaging year long curriculum appropriate for preschool children of all learning abilities. The curriculum will stretch their imagination, inspire creativity, draw on what they already know, and offer new ideas for teachers.

A few things to know:

  • Our curriculum is foundational, as your child grows our curriculum grows with them
  • We start off new every year as the school year does in KISD, your child is placed in a classroom with learners who are all in a 6 month age range so they grow together. They will stay in this class until the next school year and they move up to the next room – this depends on age and assessment.
  • Early Preschool A, Is our potty training classroom – a child will not move up into Preschool A, Preschool B, Preschool C, or Pre-K until they are completely potty trained. (tuition does not reflect they are potty trained until we are three full weeks without accidents, not including nap time)
  • We challenge our Pre-K classes to be academically ready when the Kindergarten year rolls around; we will always place a child where they belong according to age or prior assessment.

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